Chris March Audio


Audio Engineering graduate and current student at CSUDH. Five years experience in live theater and production at Stargazer Productions. Five years experience at Bobby Mathis Studios mixing and recording and current employee at BangZoom! Studios in Burbank. I look forward to working with you on your next audio endeavor.


Sound Design

Extensive library of SFX and Foley to suite your needs.


Audio Editing and QC within Pro Tools and Izotope Rx


Several mixing techniques utilizing plugins and outboard gear.



Music Composed by Chris March for Phantasy Arcade 2
Music Composed by Chris March Phantasy Arcade 3


QC, Edit, Session Prep and Deliveries under BangZoom! Studios
BPO QC and Delivery Assist under BangZoom! Studios
QC Assist under BangZoom! Studios
Session Prep, QC and Delivery under BangZoom! Studios

Video Games

Unreleased Game 1Unreleased Game 2Unreleased Game 3Unreleased Game 4
QC, Sound Design, Dialogue EditQC, Dialogue EditQC, Dialogue Edit, DeliveryQC, Dialogue Edit, Delivery

Meet The Team

Chris March – He/Him

I love to travel and be in great company. Sounds from around the world never cease to amaze me.

In my free time I love to listen to music, garden and spend time with my partner and our dog Yuma. I enjoy video games with friends and my favorite games include Metal Gear Solid, Crossing Souls, Ni No Kuni and Warzone. Some of my favorite movies include Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and Bill and Ted 1-3.


Yuma aka Yumes has no trouble getting his paws dirty making tracks all day. He makes tracks in the backyard and tracks all the way to his bed. His overwhelming amount of energy will be the perfect fit for any speed metal or math rock band. Please contact for rates (paid in treats please).